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BGD Tala

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Welcome to the World of BRUCE GOLDSMITH DESIGN (BGD)

A world where high tech materials and design meet real world testing to give you the best possible free flying experience. BGD has just the right equipment for you.

A word from designer, Bruce Goldsmith,

"I have been there since the beginning of Paragliding. Designing the Black Magic in 1989 for Airwave, starting Ozone in 1998 and winning the World Championships in 2007, flying my own wing and design. My passion for the sport of Paragliding and the development of its products is stronger than ever.

Producing many of the industry leading designs, constructions, and innovations, I have developed many of the sportís now standard features. An incredible 35,000 paragliders designed by me have been manufactured worldwide in the last two decades and pilots who fly my wings just love them.

Whether you fly every day or only a few weekends a year, join the pilots who love to fly my wings."

The Tala is designed for pilots looking for an EN-C rated, accessible, high performance wing that performs well in serial competitions as well as hike and flying.

Designer Notes:

In recent years gliders have become very complicated, with more cells, more ribs, and a lot of plastic. The Tala is a wing that has a low cell count (Simple Cells) and a very clean leading edge (Cord Cut Billow).

With a combination of Large Cell Groups and Simple Cells we created the Tala with only 50 cells, reducing the weight, line consumption, and the complexity of the wing. The Tala is a true three liner from top to bottom. It has three main lines in the span-wise direction and only two levels of lines on the first and second main lines. The third main lines split twice making effective big ears easy. We have used only micro-lines on the Tala to help reduce knots. The Tala only has 238m of total line, which is close to most two liners.

Without using fragile lightweight materials the medium size Tala weighs just 4.90kg.


Colors Available:

  • Sun (Orange w/red)
  • Melon (Green w/red)
  • Ocean (Blue w/green)


  • Trim speed: 39 km/h
  • Top speed: 57 km/h
  • Best glide: 10
  • Min sink: 1 m/s
  • Certification: EN-C

Sizes Available:

  • S (60-85kg)
  • M (80-100kg)
  • ML (90-112kg)
  • L (105-125kg)

Download the Tala Manual

More details at the BGD website: BGD Tala