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Article number: RIDE2-41-Ocean
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To improve on an already great tandem is a real challenge. But we took time to collect impressions and feedback from many pilots around the world, analysed and implemented improvements. The result is the new RIDE2. With even more stability, better take-off behaviour, more agile handling, an improved usable trim-range, as well as more overall performance and better climb ability in thermals. Take-Off The RIDE was already well known for its easy take-off characteristics. The canopy of the RIDE2 rises even easier overhead. It demands less power and therefore take-off is better, even in challenging conditions. Stability The RIDE2 shows an even higher stability than its predecessor. In addition, the complete trim range is more usable, also in turbulent conditions. Even with trimmers in the fully opened position, the glider is very stable at speed and exhibits minimal sink rate without sacrificing glide. The RIDE2 also features the typical ‘AirDesign Comfort-in-Flight’ feel. This means stress-free flying, even in rough conditions. The glider dampens turbulence well and is extremely confidence inspiring. Handling Entering thermals, you will immediately notice that the handling is much more agile. The RIDE2 is very responsive under brakes and its handling is extremely well balanced. Once in a thermal, the wing turns with only minimal effort – similar to a solo-wing and tight turns can be made with ease. The reduced brake pressure is comfortable, provides solid feedback, and exhibits a progressive feel right through to the stall point ensuring that landing effort is simplified with increased flare ability. Performance By implementing RazorEdge technology it was possible to increase the RIDE2’s glide performance markedly. This special trailing edge sail-shape provides cleaner, more effiencient airflow, therefore reducing drag. It also features a 3D-cut leading edge, further improving performance, safety and overall flying characteristics.
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