Dudek Nemo XX - Beginners and new pilots

Article number: Nemo XX-20m²-Water
Availability: Available to Order - Contact for ETA
Dudek Nemo XX Nemo XX is a certified fun paraglider of EN A class, with modern design, good performance and great safety. It is distinguished from earlier Nemo by better glide ratio, agility and even easier launch. It is dedicated for the beginners and recently trained pilots - it can be used for training, winching and paramotoring. Nemo XX is recommended as your first purchase after initial training, the more so if your school used it. There is still a lot of its capabilities you will be able to discover, while staying satisfied with its safety, performance and versatility in various forms of recreative flying. It will forgive you a lot of your mistakes and make you ready for further stages. It will let you spend many hours of stress-free winching, thermalling, cross-country and PPG flying. And it will be reasonably priced at that.
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