Dudek Nucleon WRC

Article number: Nucleon WRC-23m²-Yellow
Availability: Available to Order - Contact for ETA
Dudek Nucleon WRC Sport reflex wing Nucleon WRC is the essence of reflex profile in a new costume, applying Flexi Edge technology. The paraglider is designed both for recreational flyers and record/trophy hunters. Fast and agile like none other in its class. Perfect inflation and launch. This is a top drawer gear; the canopy is stable and safe both when flown at minimal and top speeds, with effective speedsystem and trims, precise steering and great agility. It is built to last, so that enormous forces generated in intensive use will not distort the profile over time Nucleon WRC is an Action/Reaction wing, built around the idea of linear acceleration (equal share of trimmer/speedsystem effect), and limited reflexivity at slow trimmer settings. As a result we got a 100% reflex PPG sport paraglider with top performance, exceptional safety in its class (not worse than already legendary Reaction), and steering characteristics at low speeds similar to the classic profile paragliders).
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